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This website was made and donated to the City of Forsyth.

The city refused it's accepance so it has been retasked under the Missouri Non-Profit Organization "Open City Project".

This site does interface with the city in order to make interoperations more modern than the city is wanting to provide BUT THIS WEBSITE IS NOT OWNED BY OR OPERATED BY THE CITY OF FORSYTH OR THE POLICE DEPARTMENT.

How this all got started

Their Response:


My Response:


Initial Happenings

This originally started over an article in the newspaper about the City of Forsyth needing a new server. Being new to the area and trying to break out, I decided to call the city and offer my services.

It seemed to go well and I was seemingly well received - but that couldn't be further from the truth.

While everyone else was furnished with a "base specification" I was not. I even asked about this and was told it did not exist from Angela Leist.

So fast forward to the City Council Meeting, instead of talking about the bids or their merits - they mostly spoke about how I was late to the bidding process.

Long story short, I was even confused that the city was actually going to accept bids and move to purchasing. The line item on the agenda was "Server Discussion". So, when I didn't get the answers I was looking for, I started filling out requests for public records under the Sunshine Act of Missouri. These were met with hostility and were never honored. But I did get the bids that they voted on. Looking at the bid it looks as if I didn't know what I was doing - but keep in mind I was never furnished with the same bid spec as the other bids clearly had and were based on.

To make amends and to let things pass, Clint Hilliard, Ward 2 Alderman, called me and spoke candidly about he was sorry things didn't seem to go like maybe they should have. He expressed what limited capacity a small city has and even mentioned they they use the local high school to get website work done as they don't have it in the budget.

That was when I took it upon myself to build this Dynamic CMS enabled website and presented it to the people of Forsyth.

The interesting thing is, and I pretty much knew the whole "buying process" was not really "open" from the moment the city council meeting passed, they cheated on the second quotation as well. Clint stated to me, on the phone, that he was the one that solicited that bid (and his name and address is on the documentation) but that bid is overloaded with over $1000 in licensing not in the other "lowest" bid. See Windows Server uses what they call "cals" or "concurrent access licenses" and each install license comes with 5 seats. The bid from Celipso Consulting has just a base license for Windows Server 2012 (with 5 seats) for $3,573.12 whereas the Stallard Technologies Inc has the base license, 10 additional seats, and 5 "remote desktop services" licenses for $4,232.97. Keep in mind the additional licenses are quoted at $1,000 by themselves. What is really interesting is the price Celipso quoted for Windows 2012 - $427 because you cannot buy that license from the best legal channels at that price - let alone mark it up. The cheapest you can get it from a wholesaler on NewEgg is about $600.

But knowing all of this, I was not only willing to ignore the malfeasance but I gave the city a pretty nice gift in the form of an olive branch. Their response has not been appreciated. So to help others keep the city honest I have created this website to help the people of Forsyth communicate about their city, together, without the disruption and inhibiting force that is that same city.

Sunshine Request Response from the City


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